They're Killing Me!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010
At the end of the Sex and the City series, in the midst of a miserable move to Paris with her Russian lover, Carrie returns to some bad habits. She eats too much. She starts smoking again.

“I like the smoking,” the Russian says as he’s about to run off for work. “Very sexy.”

“It’s killing me!” Carrie yells after him.

I might not have a bad habit with quite so many bad health consequences as smoking, but there’s an ugly habit of mine that resurfaces every summer which I really need to kick.

Yup, flip-flops.

I’ve had crummy knees for a while. And there’s been a funny correlation between my knee pain and the summer months. I could never figure out why. Hmm . . . . Could it be the completely unsupportive shoes that require nearly constant toe clenching to stay on that are my go-to footwear during the summer months?

For the last couple days I’ve been running around almost exclusively in flip-flops. I love the freedom of my toes in the shoes and they’re so easy to quickly slip into when they’re sitting next to the door. But at the end of the days, my knees ache. Turns out the flip-flops are killing my knees.

I have no idea why.

There are other reasons for sturdier footwear. The cabin remains a construction zone as Andy continues with the shed. I’ve helped glue the floor down and get some walls (we have three now) up.
Andy saw a fledgling Northern Saw-whet owl when he swung into work this morning on our way to do laundry in town. What is it recently with seeing something you don’t see everyday . . . everyday?

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  1. Isn't that the truth. Sometimes the things we love the most (even the simple ones) are the worst for us. Hope your knees mend soon!


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