That Time of the Month

Saturday, October 9, 2010
No, not that time of the month . . . . But any regular reader of the blog knows that middle of the month is not notorious for treating me well. So is it any great surprise that it's October 9th and all I want to do is write about how overwhelmed I am?

Yes, it's that time of the month when all the deadlines seem to come at once. Articles need to be written, I have yet to be written and recorded commentary scheduled for this coming Wednesday, and this blog's editorial calendar has fallen spectacularly to pieces. To add to the craziness, work is rapidly winding down and I only have one day off between now and the end of season which means only one free day to deal with all of this extra stuff not to mention dealing with the regular work stuff like shutting down the gift shop, preparing grant applications, and dealing for a massive school field trip next week.

You'd think that would be enough to quell the little voices. Instead, the little voices like to take these overwhelming times to say things like: "You know, you're really not doing that much, if you'd just apply yourself a little bit more this wouldn't be so hard." The little voices worry that I "should be doing more." They wonder if I'm "getting stuck in rut." 

So in the midst of all the little voices yesterday, or perhaps because my utter inability to concentrate, I signed up for a writing class. It's just a one day nature writing class in town next month, but it will be the first time I will have put myself in a writing classroom since college. I know I need to get out and network with other writers, but it seems once you have minor success with something, it's easy to shut yourself in a little box that inhibits growth. Sometimes we have to shake up the normal routine by doing something that truly scares us.

Even as I dig the rut of "this time of the month" deeper and deeper with my ineffectual worrying, I know I need to remember that ruts are just a small part of a very long road.


  1. Urregg, your inner voice is critizing, patronizing and devaluing what you do? It sounds to me that your plate is pretty full and there is no reason allow this voice to make matters worse. I wish you enough self assuance and confidence that you do not give in to this voice! Have a wonderful Sunday anyway!

  2. A writing class sounds like a great inspiration. Maybe it will lift the mid month fog of overwhelm for you. Good luck and let us know how it goes.

    Kim Bauer


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