Is it okay to be cheesy?

Monday, December 20, 2010
At my last writing date, the question came up: is it okay to be cheesy? That is: is it okay for our writing (even our nonfiction writing) to acknowledge a somewhat glorified truth removed from the harsher realities of life? Can we ever talk about moonbeams and fairy kisses in our writing and get away with it?

Christmas spirit has been running high around the cabin lately. The tree went up last weekend and the presents are wrapped and carefully tucked beneath the tree's lowest boughs. The stockings aren't quite hung up with care (they're just flopped over the kitchen chairs), but we're getting there. The point is that things are merry merry.

My mom and aunt have a huge Christmas cookie baking day every December for an annual Christmas bake sale. The sugar, butter, and flour started flying around on Friday morning and this year my uncle and I got in on the action. One of the "cookies" we made were chocolate mice made from a chocolate dipped maraschino cherry, a Hershey's hug, two almond slivers, and dabs of melted chocolate for eyes and noses. We tried not gush too much about how cute they were, but it was hard: they turned out freakin' adorable. 

Then on Friday night, I met up with a group of college friends for a wine and cheese party aka gab fest. As per usual, there was a lot of talking, too much wine, and not enough sleep.

So is it okay to be cheesy? I think there are times in our lives when circumstances are especially warm and soft and kind. And during those times, I have absolutely no qualms with being cheesy. Bring on the moonbeams and fairy kisses. It's Christmas. 


  1. I think that sometimes, a little cheese is necessary and often appreciated. Even by those who would roll their eyes and say otherwise. I think it is good for everyone to remember that there are times when life is just that good...

    With love,

  2. P.S.

    The mouse "cookies" really are pretty cute :)

  3. Cheesy is great - sometimes. Like now!

  4. Cheesy is perfect for this time of year. And your mice are adorable!

  5. I think it is definitely okay to be cheesy and gushy about things sometimes, why not?! Also, those chocolate mice are ridiculous levels of adorable, I ALMOST awwed out loud in my office, they definitely put a smile on my face

  6. It ain't easy being cheesy. However, I do think its a good thing. Why must everything be so harsh all the time. People don't always have to live with reality. A little cheese is a good thing.

  7. Cheese is a good thing, in writing and food.
    If it wasn't for campy-cheesy lines my writing would not have a leg to stand on.

    And those chocolate mice are making me crave chocolate.

  8. I love the wood stove (or is it pellet?)! My parents have one and it's awesome.


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