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Thursday, February 10, 2011
 Mama's Losin' It

“Sometimes you have to break the rules around you to keep the rules within you” -Martha Beck 

Any regular reader of this blog has probably identified my affinity for to-do lists.  It's no secret that I like my systems, I like my structure, and I love rules. (After all, I was a hockey referee during my teenage years.) But even as the person who gets nervous whenever I'm in the presence of people talking other people getting into trouble, I realized I've been busy breaking some rules of my own . . . .

Rule #1:  Don't move back to your hometown.

Honestly I have no idea how this happened. Then the other day I read this line in a friend's blog: I still cry every time I leave Minnesota. Maybe that's it.

Although, I love to travel, but I have a hard time really, truly imagining any other place as home. Not that I haven't spent some time imagining.  (Seattle! NYC!! London!!!) Yet there's something about this remote, rural corner of this world that's not quite ready to let me go yet. Or vice versa.

Rule #2: Don't move in with your significant other before marriage. 

Does anyone really respect this rule anymore? A year into our relationship, Andy's and my work briefly intersected and it made the most sense to share a shack/cabin and make a home of our own. Now we feel like we're married and we've skipped the whole part where Andy gets something nice and sparkly for my left hand. Oops. So that's why you don't move in together before marriage . . .

In addition: I talk over people. (I'm so, so sorry. I don't realize I'm doing it until it's too late!) I eat after 8 p.m. I break fashion and beauty rules. We're just up a lawless society up here at the cabin when you get right down to it. But what's the point in letting arbitrary rules our lives and consequently, our hearts?  

Because, there's one rule I know I'll always keep: Don't take life too seriously.

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  1. What a wonderful post! I so love making lists and having rules too but I always seem to be the first one to break them. lol

    I talk over people too, trying so hard to nip that one! :D

  2. I agree about loving Minnesota. Every time I fly back into Minnesota and see how green and beautiful it is, I can't imagine living anywhere else. Well, I can imagine, but I don't want to. What a pretty photo.

  3. Regarding Rule #1: You're in good company. Go watch "Orange County" and commiserate with Shawn.

  4. Great post! It seems life has a way of helping us break our self-imposed rules! Stopping by from Mama Kat's!

  5. I agree with you on Rule #2, is that even a rule any more? It was for my 60-something mother, who couldn't believe it when I suggested she move in with her fiance, and it was for my father who temporarily didn't talk to me when I moved in with the man who would become my husband.

    Rules are meant to be broken! Nice post


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