Valentine's Traditions?

Thursday, February 3, 2011
Mama's Losin' It

In general, I've never met a holiday (or a holiday tradition) that I didn't like. Epiphany is my signal to start thinking about taking down Christmas decorations. Mardi Gras calls for a King's Cake, if I remember. I love decking myself out in red, white and blue for the Fourth of July. By the time October rolls around, I'm pumped for pumpkins and subsequent turkeys and the decorating of trees.

But Valentine's Day? I have a pretty poor track record with doing anything exciting for good ol' V-day.

I usually have big plans.

Like making everyone I love one these woolly little hearts:

Or whipping up one of these guys:

Or, or, or . . . .

Yet, I never seem to get around to it. It's not that I view Valentine's Day as a strictly Hallmark holiday that doesn't deserve the time of day. I think it's nice to take a day to be sweet to all those who make your life a little lovelier. Maybe the holiday falls just a little close to Christmas. Come February 14, I often find myself still fumbling with the reins of the new year.

Valentine's Day have come and gone in my life and now it seems as though none remain. When I was little, my brother and I used to wake up on Valentine's Day morning to find a collection of small trinkets by our seat at the kitchen table. A relationship or two back, I used to receive flowers for the day, although something about the fact that I had to pout to get them made them feel not terribly sincere. Our first winter together Andy and I exchanged cards, but only because the relationship was long distance at that point.

So I go into this February with no Valentine's traditions in tow. No matter. Perhaps the most important thing Valentine's Day can do for us, regardless of how we celebrate, is to start the spring thaw in our very own hearts.


  1. I love the valentine hearts that you have made... are they easy to make?

  2. We don't have a tradition either. In fact, my husband tried to convinced my single brother in law to take me out on the town.

    I love the knit hearts!!

  3. That cake looks AMAZING! We don't have VDay traditions here either but I did prepare dinner for my family last year. I may do the same again this year but simpler since it falls on a Monday.

    Visiting via Writer's Workshop. Have a beautiful day!

  4. I love the cake and that wooly heart! my bf and I doesnt have V day traditions as well..
    and since I was a teen,V day pretty much non existent to me.. the most important date is my partner bday and our anniversary..:D

  5. Your hearts are so cute. The cake looks wonderful. I hope Andy comes through big this year.

  6. Maybe it's your tradition to not have a tradition? Eh?

  7. You are still doing better with the holiday then I am.
    I'm single so...I'm just going to hide.

  8. I love the hearts and the cake and the thought that valentines day will start the thawing for spring.
    Stopping by from MaMa Kats.

  9. Ada, I feel the same way about Valentine's day. I pick up inspirations all year long and have the best intentions of following through, and yet the holiday always creeps up way too quickly. Suddenly it's the weekend before Valentine's day and all my good intentions go out the window!

  10. I almost made it without having dessert after dinner tonight....but then I saw your cake!!! I love those little hearts. Valentines day always sneaks up on me. I usually get some chocolate for my family and have it on the table when they come home. =)

  11. Those little hearts are so cute! I'm just like you...big plans, yet nothing gets done! There's always this year... ;)

  12. I love the hearts you made, so cute. I also really like your blog, the picture and the quote above by Alan Alda! Valentine's day is one of those quiet holidays, It is the least amount of decorations I have, but glad to put winter away!!!

  13. We've never spent much time celebrating Valentine's Day. I'd much rather spend time every other day of the year expressing my love. So other than the launch of the project, Valentine's Day is planless for me. :]


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