Wordless Wednesday: Groundhogs Day

Wednesday, February 2, 2011
What did the groundhog see where you are today? I always laugh at the notion. Shadow or no, there's always six more weeks of winter in Minnesota on February 2.


  1. Good point! I was just thinking that, this morning, when my friend in Philadelphia was telling me she hoped for an early spring... Where i live now, winter is never hard... I used to live in Michigan though, and my goodness!

    I guess it's just something to hope for!
    Thanks for sharing your info... Glad to share the vision for a writer's community! it's so necessary, and your blog is simply lovely!

  2. had to share, really quick, it's kind of funny... my word verification for the the last comment was mitten. :)

  3. Same here! Spring fever is hitting me hard right now though.

  4. We're in the middle of a cold snap in Colorado. Winter didn't really arrive until a month ago and last Saturday we all went for a long walk with light jackets on.

    I'm pretty sure we have a long winter ahead of us.


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