Keeping "Genuinely" Cool

Monday, June 13, 2011
This probably isn't much of a confession because y'all have probably figured out that I have a soft spot for romantic comedies. In particular British romantic comedies. Especially anything with Hugh Grant. Namely, Notting Hill. (Who knew . . . oh right, you guys did.)

I like Notting Hill so much I have the webpage that hosts the movie's entire script bookmarked because often IMDB fails to list my favorite quotes from the movie. (You know you're a nerd when . . . .) It's not that I find the movie particularly deep, hard hitting, or even that intelligent, but it's comforting -- like a cup of tea held between both hands during your first morning hour and there always seems to be some line from Notting Hill  that sums up my current mood completely. Take this little gem from Honey (William's googly eyed sister who has feathers for hair) for example: 

Oh God this is one of those key moments in life, when it's possible you can be really, genuinely cool -- and I'm going to fail a hundred percent.

Oh God, yes. This is exactly how I feel right now.

It's also no secret that I've been a wee bit absent from the blogosphere as of late. As much as I mean to stick with my Monday-Friday posting through the summer, lately my creativity's been feeling a little tapped out. After spending all winter getting words onto paper, with the return of the 40-hour work week, I find my brain not even working in a writerly way. For the second commentary in a row, I find myself utterly stumped about what to pen my next radio commentary about. When I sit down to write, I feel like I'm trying to get a stubborn lawn mower to start. I yank and I yank and I yank on the pull cord and all I get from my writer's engine is a cough, a choke, and then, nothing.  

I'm not sure why I expect more out of my writer's engine these days. After all, I'm pretty much expecting it to perform when it's running on empty.  Mornings are spent trying to get a couple words hammered out before heading to work. When I come home, there's supper to make, the gardens to tend, and yet another wedding afghan to knit.

Oh excuses, excuses, excuses.

Except I don't have time for excuses. The next commentary must get written and two articles are due on Friday. Luckily one article just needs to be written; the other I still need to track down interviews for. (Yikes!)

I'm trying to be genuinely cool, I swear. It's just that I'm failing a hundred percent.


  1. I love that movie too! I know what you mean about it being comforting. Jake is always asking me why I watch the same things over and over. I tell him it's because they don't make me uncomfortable and I can "watch" without really having to watch. Good luck with your articles!

  2. Good to hear from you! Started to get concerned! But as it is nothing more but 100% failing ;-)))
    and for that you have done just 100% great!!! Maybe your creativity just has PMS .LOL. My alltime excuse for all...

  3. I love that movie too. You and I have similar taste. But one thing that separates us: I don't even try to be cool. : )

  4. I've never actually seen that movie, but I've always wanted to. Of course, I have a list of ten thousand movies or so that I have to see, so it's no surprise that it got lost in the mix.

    I try to be cool, but really, I'm not. I guess in my own way I am, but not according to the usual "cool" standards. Oh well. Such is life, right?

  5. i know exactly what you mean! this giant project at work has me sputtering completely. it's really upsetting... good luck! may the creativity fairies be with you.

  6. WOW you are extremely busy! This is actually the 3rd post I read this morning about being overwhelmed with everything and trying to include blogging. It must be something in the air.

    Oh and my confession - I've never seen Notting Hill but I promise it's on my list :)

  7. I so love Notting Hill! :) good luck sweetie with all you have on your plate as well!

  8. This makes me want to watch Notting Hill, since I haven't seen it in a couple of years. Such a cute movie.

  9. Writer's block is like having a kidney stone - unless you've been there, it's very difficult to imagine that kind of pain, and unless you've been there, it's just as difficult to sympathize. I think the beauty of the blogosphere is that you are (quite literally) surrounded by other people who have been there and who can totally sympathize! I am one of them. Many blessings to you! Hang in there, your writing is most definitely worthy of it. :)

  10. Oh, I understand the writer's block thing.... sometimes I feel like I stare blankly into space for hours- simply waiting for inspiration to strike.

    My theory-- just start writing and wait for genius to hit.

  11. I choked out a column last night that may be the worst I've ever written, but at least I got it on paper. I've been struggling so much with balancing a life as a writer with my full-time job life...yeah, not working out so much. My brain's on overdrive, and I can't seem to focus on writing or the job.

    Best of luck to you. And if it helps, which it probably doesn't, I know how it feels. :(


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