Imperfect Timing

Tuesday, June 14, 2011
This blog post has been delayed twice.

First I took a Facebook pause to finalize Summer Crafting plans. The whole crafting tribe is headed north for some crafting good times at the cabin. It took months of planning, but at long last, the dates are set!

As I untangled myself from Facebook's vicious grasp, the phone rang. Not a telemarketer, not Andy checking in, but an actual source for the article I'm currently working returning my call and willing to give me all the information I needed. *gasp!*

These are both very good things.

Now, having missed lunch, I'm cramming a plate of nachos into my face while trying to get at least one more thing done on my to-do list before Andy and I sprint to town for gas, groceries and banking after his work day and before he heads over to fire training.

I had a feeling today might have a thing for imperfect timing.

The sneaking feeling started when I began making phone calls for my article over my breakfast oatmeal, only to find my two main sources I'd been counting on were out of town. Now what?

Frustrated, but undeterred, I hopped in the shower. As I lathered up my hair with shampoo, the power went out. As soap suds dripped down my back in the dark, I wondered what I supposed to do. Run down to the lake naked and rinse off? That didn't seem particularly environmentally friendly and even the more conservative option of wrapping myself in a towel and grabbing a bucket full of lake water to dump over my soap head at least 150 feet away from the shoreline seemed less than ideal. But just as I slid back the shower curtain, the power came back on. Disaster diverted! 

Full rinsed off (and clothed), I headed back to the computer to hammer out the first of two articles due on Friday. After what seemed like forever and many a grumble about "this being my day off," a perfectly formed article appeared in the Word document and I decided to take a break to check the mail. But when I opened the mailbox there was no mail inside! Either we received no mail today or I'd beaten the mail lady to the punch. *grumble, grumble, grumble*

And then I sat down to write this post and everything, sort of, magically, came together.

Like the saying goes: "Pobody's Nerfect." That goes for timing too. But that's okay. I can wait.


  1. There's nothing worse than finally setting out to tackle a job and the necessary people are unavailable.Glad your power came back on and you weren't forced to rinse with chilly lake water!

  2. the first time the power went out here in LA, i grumbled. "great, now i can't go to the bathroom." boyfriend stared at me like i was an idiot. turns out, in "real" cities, you can still use the water when the power goes out. i was FLOORED.

    thank goodness your power came back!

  3. Growing up we had a spring for water and in the summers we'd run out and we couldn't shower, use the restroom, could barely cook, but it was kind of fun and exciting to do a military shower and see if you could rinse off before you were out of water. Thankfully my dad only lived 1/2 a mile away and would let us use his shower. Glad you got to finish your shower, I hate when my hair feels greasy.

  4. I would have freaked out, grabbed a trenchcoat and run to the lake to finish my hair.
    Eclipse tomorrow, things are slightly off for a few days. Ripple effect.

  5. Isn't it funny how these things work out? Like some days the universe is just ONE STEP ahead of you and determine to make a mess of things. Glad you were able to rinse out your hair and that everything finally came together.

  6. Haha, that saying always reminds me of the end of "some like it hot." I almost always beat the mail carrier to the punch... because I loooove mail time!

  7. I love this post!!! It's so perfect and it's obviously spontaneous, given the subject matter. I think sometimes the very best posts are the ones that just pour out of us when life is giving us the funky chicken. ;D

    Still flying around your site, visiting posts and lovin' it all!

  8. gotta love those kind of days...

  9. *you made me smile this morning*
    thank you! great post and great message!!

  10. I love it when "one of those days" turns out to be pretty good after all. :)


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