Ding-Dong Merrily

Wednesday, December 7, 2011
There's eggnog in the fridge and a Christmas card on the shelf. 
There are presents in the making and budgets to be kept. 
Yet despite the cold, the darkness and the snow,
this Advent season is quickly ticking by and I've nothing to show. 

Lately, the blogosphere has been filled with merry posts about holiday decorating, holiday baking, and kids in Santa hats. It's lovely and it's fun, but it's making me feel like this:

Because this is how far I've got with my holiday decorating so far:
1) Open closet door
2) Pull down holiday decoration container
3) Shut closet door.
4) Open container.
5) Throw autumn/Halloween decorations into container.
6) Walk away.

And mind you, this happened a week ago. I have not walked back yet. The container is still sitting there in the corner, although I did move it farther out of sight this morning so I'd stop feeling so guilty about it.

It was pretty common place during my childhood for our Christmas tree and decorations to go up the day after Thanksgiving. However, Andy prefers we wait a little longer than that and considering the finite amount of space in the cabin and  my finite tolerance for Christmas trees weeping balsam needles all over the floor, the wait makes sense. So maybe a tree this weekend. Maybe.

To be honest, things are kind of a beautiful disaster at the moment. I'm up to my ears in deadlines and freelance projects. The house is such a disgusting pit that we try to intercept any visitors (namely, the UPS man) on the deck before they can catch a glimpse inside. We are still processing that frackin' deer.  (Don't worry, it's been frozen, we're just in the midst of round 2 of the sausage making.)

And my attempt to call off Christmas? Foiled. Foiled completely, my friends. After making my very mature and very important announcements that I was not doing presents nor Christmas cards this year, (Sorry guys. Sorry USPS) Andy started dogearing catalogs (I'm taking creative license with this fact) and then just this evening suggested that perhaps we should . . . send Christmas cards this year.

I'm off to get myself one strong glass of eggnog . . .  


  1. haha- its impossible to completely turn off christmas- so this year that's why I'm really going for it :)

  2. lol, everyone...even ANDY gets deer for christmas? :) Have you seen Christmas with the Kranks? They try to skip Christmas too, it doesn't work of course. OH, and I'm sure my blog is contributing to the Holly Jolly blahs, I'm christmasing all month loooong :)

  3. I feel for you...I still haven't got any Christmas decorations up! I haven't even gone as far as you and getting the boxes out. We don't get our tree until about a week before Christmas because two weeks is about all I need of it and the pine needles. But alas, the kids are asking for our Santa collection decorations...maybe tonight.

    Do you dehydrate any of your venison into jerky?

  4. LOL. I finally got around to addressing cards last night. And the tree... don't even get me started on the stupid tree that went up a week after Thanksgiving and has been redecorated at least 10 times because the cats keep knocking the ornaments off.

  5. Oh, oh, to get a tree up so early is rather uncommon in Europe. Most probably one set up the tree on dec 24 and all is over on January 6. Wonderful.
    I am even more grateful that I celebrate Solstice...

  6. Most of our street had their houses decked out in lights and wreaths by the day after Thanksgiving. I kept my pumpkins on the porch 'til Dec. 4 before finally giving in.

  7. i've heard dozens of people say it's not feeling like Christmas. Everyone feels reluctant. Honestly it took us 5 days to decorate our tree (that's NEVER happened), we've drug our feat and decided not to put up lights outside as it's only 16 days til we'd take them down. If it wasn't for a 12 year old driving anything at all, i'd probably STILL be cleaning up from Thanksgiving.
    just kidding... sort of.

  8. YEP---- I am soooo insanely far behind on things that it is kind of a miracle that I have cried!

    Okay.... maybe I have gotten a little misty eyed from the stress!

  9. I WANT to do Christmas cards, it's just that I'm lazy and Christmas is here and gone before I know it. So, once again, no card this year. Maybe next year...

  10. I've been having the hardest time getting into the christmas spirit this year! Maybe it's because I've been really busy and hiding from the world as much as possible? We usually send out christmas cards too. This year I think I've done 2? But I think I'd rather be christmasy because I feel like it and not be fake full of christmas cheer. signed, the grinch


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