On Being Calm

Thursday, December 15, 2011
Things have been hectic around here lately. Here's part of the reason for the slight madness: my Star Trib article which went live online yesterday afternoon and is in today's paper in the Taste section. Check it out; even if my fish lineage is kind of shady as one commenter so kindly pointed out.

I've just survived another deadline week. Actually, it was more like a deadline fortnight this go 'round. But I can't fall into my usual post-deadline protocol. (Aka, slack off until the next assignments roll in.) While I did sigh a big sigh of relief when the last assignment went flying out of my outbox yesterday morning, there's still plenty to do  I'm headed out of town next week for the holidays and won't be back for a week and a half. That long absence means blog posts and commentaries need to be written ahead of time and some work hours need to be banked.

I'm often told how calm I look. I'm not quite sure where this misinterpretation springs from, but you know the whole thing about not judging a book by its front cover. I think that's what's going on here.

I may look serene on the outside (Really? Really?) but inside I'm more often than not a pile of nerves. I like to put my head down on my pillow at night and stew for a good half hour on all the things I need to get done. I think it's a family trait. Perhaps because we're a rather quiet bunch (at least when in public) we're mistaken for being cool, calm and collected. Only we know we're really stressed out nut jobs with high blood pressure issues.

So while it is a weight off my shoulders to have those articles written and invoices in the mail (Maybe there will be Christmas in Whoville after all. . .;) the fact that I no longer have deadlines hovering over my head like a piano means I can turn my scrambling thoughts to such things as: actually buying Christmas presents, putting up the decorations, packing, and maybe writing one blog post this month that's filled with coherent thoughts. (Haha.) 

Maybe, just maybe, one of these days, I'll feel . . . calm: cool, calm, and collected.

I'll get back to you in January on that.

Anyone else tasting that holiday stress yet?


  1. Ada,
    Congrat's on your article. I did not know that caviar was coming from Lake Superior! Great story! Now you can enjoy the Holidays, no pressure! Thanks a bunch for this informative article. Have a Merry Christmas! ~ Diane

  2. Have calm holidays, stressfree, no head buried in pillow.
    Looking forward to your return.

  3. how exciting to be in the strib! way to go Ada!

  4. My brain is holiday fried and it hasn't really even started yet. I'm just not all there mentally right now and am very much looking forward to a couple weeks off.

  5. I have a good friend like you, who appears very calm and confident on the outside, but his insides are like mine or yours--always thinking, always stressing. They call him "Zen" at his work, but he says that couldn't be farther from the truth!

    Glad you have some time to get your Christmas stuff done now!

  6. It hasn't stopped... seriously, it hasn't stopped... (the stress)

    Have a fantastic Christmas!

  7. Wow--congratulations on a Strib article!! Nicely written.


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