The Desire To Run

Tuesday, March 13, 2012
For the last couple months, I've had a desire to run. Not run "away," mind you, although depending on the day, sometimes that can seem like a good idea. Just a desire to lace up some running shoes, hit the pavement and start going.

There's just one little issue.

I don't run.

My brother runs, my father runs, my uncles run. I have a cousin who runs marathons. I've been trying  to run since my preteen days and all that it's ever resulted in for me is a really red face and a bunch of loogies. (TMI? TMI.) I've managed a few 5Ks in my day, but really, I don't like running and running doesn't like me. As I've grown older, it's become apparent that pounding pavement makes my knees go in two different directions. (Any fellow patellofemoral pain syndrome sufferers out there?)

So why try again? Why bother, when I've proven it's not my cup of tea over and over again?

When I returned home from London, I ran for a couple months and I'd gotten fairly decent at it before my knees screamed at me to stop. Now, through tape and exercise, I've figured out ways to make my knees behave and since my exercise this winter has been limited to the daily mile-long round trip to the mail box and the occasional hike to the fishing hole, it's time to step my cardio exercise up a bit. I've been a slug.

While I haven't exactly been packing on the pounds this winter, I've become a little more "plush" then I care to be. After all, I'm 27 years old. If I'm not in the best shape of my life now, when will I be? I'm no star athlete, but as someone who swam and played hockey and soccer as a teen, I know my fitness level has the potential to be much greater than it is currently.

Then there's the whole bucket list thing; I've always wanted to run at least one marathon in my life. Last summer I stumbled upon this blog and began to why I've always made running a marathon one of those goals I'll worry about tomorrow. All sorts of people surprise themselves into running marathons and here I am, an able bodied 20-something, complaining that my knees are too bad to even bother trying.


I am the person who moved to London with no job prospects and no housing lined up after college and managed to live there happily and successfully for my visa's allowed six months. I am the person who took a B.A. in English - which everyone said I'd need another advanced degree in if I wanted any sort of career - and turned it into a decent freelance writing business. I am the person who bought a manual transmission car, without knowing how to drive it, which I now happily toodle around in.

But I won't run because it's hard? Really?

Every once in a while we all need a kick in the butt, a reality check. A time to stop pining and a time to start doing. 

With our current spring-like weather, much of our snow is melting. The shoulder of the road is clear and dry and ready for runners. If I put off buying a pair of running shoes much longer, I'm just procrastinating. 

So I think I'll start running again. Because I want to. Because I can.

Do you run? How did you get started? Is there anything new you'll be trying out this spring? 



  1. I tried running, a few summers ago. Actually got decent at it, before my surgery put me out of commission. One of my goals this year is to take it up again.

  2. Good for you!! I like the idea of running but I'm just not a runner. I have 2 jogging strollers which leads people to believe I'm jog but I just push it really fast instead :)

  3. HI, I enjoyed your post very much. I started running a year ago to train for my first 5K. I loved it and then moved to another town not long after. I found I did not like running without the convenience of a nice trail. But in the last 2 months I started getting the crazy idea to run a marathon THIS YEAR! Crazy I know right, but I started my training in Jan. and have not looked back. I am running a 10K this month and very excited about it. My full marathon is scheduled for Dec 9th. I will do a few races along the way to have some fun, but December is the Goal Race. :-)
    I am a new GFC follower and facebook via the I Love My Online Friends Monday Hop!

  4. Oh, my once upon a time I was a runner. I was running up to 5 miles a day and I LOVED IT. It was such a euphoric amount of pain, lol. But that was a long l-o-n-g time ago.... when I was younger, healthier, had more energy, stamina, youthful vitality... etc etc etc. How did I start? with walking, fast walking, walking/jogging, jogging, running... I built up to it. I think it took me about 4-6 months to progress from the walking to the final running stage and then it was another long process of adding miles to my daily regime. I was in my late 20's and had 2 small children. Running was my escape. My lab/shepherd mix ran with me.
    running in a marathon is something I always wanted to do... but now at (uhum) age 53.... I make excuse after excuse for not getting started. I DO work out at Curves and when the weather improves I will start walking again... and maybe I'll get inspired to run. Another blog I follow
    has an inspiring post about accomplishing her goal. wow.

  5. I love to work out, but I hate to run. I ran cross country in high school and I've never liked how repetitive it is. I always got sore in the same spots too. And allergies. I feel like eeyore haha. Good luck with your running- you picked the right Spring for it!

  6. I've run 5 marathons and countless other races. Although, I haven't run consistently in the last few years and I've been having some problems with a hip thing. Old age or just out of shape? All I can say is, build up slowly and do the distance that's fun for you. Running is a very rewarding experience. Good luck!

  7. I love reading that you are thinking of taking up running again because you WANT to. Love that. I tried it last year and failed. But I am starting to want to try again.

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