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Wednesday, March 14, 2012
Mission Pie - Dessert
So here I sit, sinking my teeth into a bite of banana creme pie leftover from my birthday. I do like me some banana creme pie and I haven't had it in years, but there's another reason why I requested it when my mom asked me what sweet treat I'd like for my birthday. I requested banana creme pie because Andy said he didn't like it.

You see, I'm usually a key lime pie sort of girl when it comes to birthday treats. But apparently Andy is a key lime pie sort of boy and whenever there's a key lime pie in the house, it has a mysterious way of disappearing. When I go into the fridge, expecting to find a third of a key lime pie, I find the plastic wrap all akimbo over the pie plate and a miniscule piece of pie with fork tine grooved sides tipped over in a pile of crust crumbs.

It's no secret that Andy and I are good eaters. Despite being 8 inches shorter and many pounds lighter than Andy, I can often match Andy bite for bite during meals. ((Bless you, metabolism.) But that all changes when everything gets tucked in the fridge and the kitchen light goes out for the night. Andy is the kind of person who thinks nothing of going into the fridge "after hours" to scoop out cold forkfuls of whatever he pleases. If he's especially fond of whatever was cooked for dinner, he'll eat it for breakfast and lunch the next day.

This "no rules" eating shocked me in the early days of our relationship. How could a 9x13 pan of lasagna, enchiladas, or what have you, be gone in less than 24 hours? I was raised in house where dinner was, and still is, a structured event. Leftovers were expected to be reheated and served for dinner at a later date and under no circumstances were you to eat those leftovers before that designated date unless you were specifically invited to. But when I moved in with Andy, leftovers go a lot less civilized. I learned that if you wanted a second piece, by gum, you were going to have to fight for it.

Things have calmed down a bit as we enter our late 20s. Entrees that used to last mere hours, now stretch out over two or three days.  Still, it's not unusual for me to grab the doggie bag I brought home the night before and find 2/3 of the contents gone when I go to eat it at lunchtime.

They say it's a dog eat dog world out there, but around here, it's boyfriend eat doggie bag world.

For my birthday this year, I wanted a truce. I wanted a temporary end to the angry squealing that ensues when I opened up the fridge door and viewed the latest leftover carnage. So here it is, four days after the pie's creation and I'm polishing off the final piece of banana creme pie on my schedule.

Honestly, this whole banana creme pie has been kind of dull. It's not much fun not sharing and anymore I think food tastes better when you've used wile to obtain it.

But never fear, the leftover games begin again tomorrow.



  1. I do the same thing w/ my DH... but it's so limiting! You might have to start getting two pies, which is a whole other problem I might add!

  2. Happy birthday, Ada! I'll take either banana cream or key lime pie, thank you. Nothing lasts long around here (except vegetables) with a teenage boy in the house.

  3. I had trouble concentrating on whatever it is you said, because that pie looks so darn good! Might you share the recipe?

    Ok, leftovers are for dinner the next day. Not for breakfast or lunch. That's how I was raised too!

  4. I come from the key lime pie state! Have you ever had it on a stick covered in chocolate? You must try it...in Key West! Stopping by from the blog hop. I'm your newest follower and would love a follow back :-)

    Take care,

  5. how appropriate for "pi" day! the man and I eat pretty differently, just at the same time, so we don't have a lot of leftover crossover...

  6. I experienced the same when I left home ... and sometimes I do cook myself treats I know no one else will like for exactly the same reasons! Am pleased I found your blog Ada X

  7. That banana cream pie make me drool! I'm your new follower and I'd love if you can follow me too :D

    Witha @ http://withapinkie.blogspot.com

  8. Boy, this is my husband all over! lol I was surprised too in our early days when meals that would last me days were gone by the next morning. lol

  9. This sounds so much like me and Jeremy...including that wonderful fast metabolism. I LOVE FOOD. But banana cream pies are not my cup of tea. Key lime, however...yum, my favorite!

  10. Okay, so this is the first time I've ever even seen a banana cream pie--- but I am intrigued....

  11. No, the Hunger Games begin on March 23rd.

  12. The pie looks amazing! My husband and I don't have the food wars so much -- I totally lack willpower so a pie in the house is just too dangerous. I need my snacks prepackaged in small amounts, which isn't very enviro-friendly but absolutely necessary. Otherwise that fork sitting in the pan is just way too tempting. Cold pie in the fridge, yum.

    Visiting from the Not-Mommy-Blog hop. Happy Birthday!

  13. This seems to be how it is in our house. I hate being at work all day, craving something I know is in the fridge and can't wait to eat it only to find out that the husband or child has already devoured it hours ago. It never fails. The upside, is that me and the husband have very different likes when it comes to food. However, he will still eat anything and tends to eat all my food first. It really is a fight to the death to keep your last piece of something :)

  14. "I was raised in house where dinner was, and still is, a structured event. Leftovers were expected to be reheated and served for dinner at a later date and under no circumstances were you to eat those leftovers before that designated date unless you were specifically invited to."

    Me, too! C is of the "leftovers are gross" camp, so that was a challenge for me when he moved in as well. :)

  15. My husband is the youngest of 5 boys, so "snooze and you lose" is how he learned to eat. He's pretty much done with his meal when I've taken only a couple of bites of mine. I'll open a jar of Nutella and the next day, it will be shockingly light. He just eats it by the spoonful. I feel your pain is what I'm saying.

    I had Lemon Cake one year for my birthday for the same reason you chose banana creme pie. He tried a tiny sliver, didn't like it and then I got to eat the rest of it. Which I did. Which in retrospect probably wasn't such a good idea.

    Happy Birthday!


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