Seasons Change, Winter Comes

Wednesday, November 28, 2012
Looking out the window this morning, it's hard to believe that less than a week ago, I was running around outside in a blouse and silly little shoes without a jacket on. Thanksgiving was an absolutely gorgeous autumn day with sunshine and temps in the 50s. However, by the time we wrapped up our Thanksgiving gathering in the early evening and headed home, we were driving through an all out blizzard with about 10 ft of visibility. Welcome to northern Minnesota.

It seems that this snow is here to stay for the long haul. We have about 8 inches in the woods now and the bay is doing its very best to ice over. With snow in the air every day since Thursday, I doubt we'll end up with nice skating ice like last year, but that's okay - wouldn't want to get spoiled.

I'm not the world biggest cheerleader for snow and winter, but I will admit that it's a heck of a lot nicer to look out the window and see a winter frosted world rather than a dead, brown, blah one. The new winter scene outside also lends a certain legitimacy to my recent round of Christmas shopping. And since the car is still in the shop (yay me! #sarcasm #CanIStartAKickstarterFundraiserForThis?!?) I don't have to hyperventilate about winter driving yet. (And only mildly feel as though I'm on house arrest.)

It's been a decent week back at the grind. Monday was basically a wash (damn you Cyber Monday and your distractions!), but yesterday I actually got down to business and am thisclose to wrapping one of my major November projects. Woo-hoo! Also, let's all note that I've posted 13 posts so far this month. That hasn't happened since May!

Has the snow found you yet?



  1. I love the photos of the snow! We haven't had much snow yet and I hear it is predicted that we won't get as much as normal. But we didn't have much last year, and that caused the water tables in NY to be lower through out the summer. Snow is a valuable resource and the water that comes from that is much more than you get from rain.

  2. What a contrast to southeastern MN, where we have no snow and brown blah. I don't mind, not yet anyway, although some snow would be great for Christmas, just not when we need to travel.

    That photo of the snowy evergreen trees lining the dirt road is gorgeous.

  3. I enjoy your blog so much, Ada. Your life is so different from mine. I can live vicariously in nature through you :-) I am not fond of snow and that is why I live in Calif :-) but I do admire its beauty.

  4. The snow looks gorgeous. And while I am definitely better in the sun than I am in the cold, I do think if it is going to be freezing than there should be snow!

    Beautiful photos!!!!!!

  5. Not that I love snow but I love how snow covers blah which later on turns into Spring green.
    You pictures captured the excitement of the first snow though. Why you do not offer courses up there? Like living WITH earth and nature and not FROM. You surely have your first client with me.


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