What December Will Bring

Saturday, December 1, 2012
Oh hey there December and holiday season! While it's been pretty obvious for a while that the year has been wrapping itself up, I'm always surprised when we reach the sunset of another year. It's always like, "Christmas? Again?!"

For whatever reason, this year I've heard a bit about the concept of  passive income. You know, like when you own a rental house. Although I generally give passive income the side-eye since passive income is dependent on having the necessary capital to purchase something that would actually generate money, it's hard to dislike the idea.

Right now, we're in the best financial state we ever been in since reaching adulthood, but that is the result of a lot (a lot) of active income. November and April are normally tied for "blah-est" months in the North woods, but last month was a whirlwind of to-do lists and special projects. While the layout of my days are quite different now that I'm done with the full time, out of the house job for the season, last month I was surprised to find that I don't really have any more free time now that I'm working for home. So if  November was any indicator, this month will not be a gentle and quiet end to 2012.

Here's what's on the docket for December 2012:

  • Write a bunch of freelance articles. Hmmm, may have said "yes" to a few too many assignments this months.  
  • Interviews. So many interviews for my radio documentary project. Followed by transcribing. So much transcribing. 
  • Other contracted work. Oh yeah, that. 
  • Finish making this year's batch of venison sausage. We had a bit of meat grinder drama-drama last month that delayed this process -aka, the first meat grinder we bought was totally and absolutely defective. Now we're the proud owners of a 1/2 horsepower Cabela's meat grinder which runs like a champ. We've made 16 lbs of venison sausage this week and will be making some wild rice sausage and chorizo very soon.

  • Let the Etsy shop simmer for the month and focus my crafty/knitty energy on finishing up some personal knitting projects, including piecing together this lovely Aran knit afghan. I only knit four of these squares (the dark green ones), the rest were made by the crafting group for a recently married crafter.
  • Spend quality time with friends and family who I haven't seen for far too long. While the pounding pavement that accompanies the holiday season can make me weary, I really do look forward to the opportunity to re-connect with some of my favorite people. 
  • Find the perfect Christmas tree. Last year's tree was pretty darn perfect, so we'll see how we do. 
  • Christmas baking, Christmas cards, wrapping presents, White Elephant gifts, oh my! 
 What are your plans this December? What are you looking forward to this holiday season?



  1. sounds like a great month! Good luck with all of your freelance projects!

  2. december is my favorite, this post made me so excited. all we need is some snow!

  3. Awww Ada I've missed you!! Looks like you've been busy..as always. Good luck Christmas tree hunting. I didn't know if we could outdo our tree from last year but we did o.k.


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