Etsy Shop Update: The Wearing of the Green

Monday, February 18, 2013
Happy President's Day! I hope some of you are enjoying a fabulous long weekend. For the rest of us schmucks, it's just another day without mail delivery. C'est le vie.

Truth be told, I'm already looking forward to next month's big holiday: St. Patrick's Day! As must of you know, I have a major soft spot when it comes to shamrocks, cables, green, and anything else Irish. My Etsy shop logo is from a picture I snapped of sheep in the field on one of my many rambling walks through the Irish countryside while I studied abroad in rural Co. Mayo, Ireland in spring 2005. Although I won't be heading across the pond for a visit to Ireland this spring as I'd hoped (when Subarus get sick, they get sick big time. *sigh*), at least my heart traveled to Ireland while I crafted these Irish inspired designs for Yes Sir, Yes Sir!

Irish Flag Coffee Cup Cozy - $7.95

Shamrock Applique Coffee Cup Cozy - $7.95

Green Heather Irish Knot Fingerless Gloves - $29.95
Green Heather Irish Knot Fingerless Gloves - $29.95
I'm thisclose to making my 50th sale in the shop and as a thank you to whoever helps me reach that milestone, I'll throw in a free owl cozy (your choice of color) with that 50th sale. No need for a promo code, just need to be the lucky 50th customer to scoop up this sweet deal.

Erin Go Braugh!


  1. Ada, sorry to hear about the delayed travel to Ireland. Hope it works out next Spring. Have you heard of workaways? Its a webpage connecting small businesses, farms and families with travelers of any age to help them out. From 1 week - 6 months. You assist 5h per day for board and food and have the rest of time to get to know the area, etc. Maybe you always wanted to do some gardening in an Irish castle? Assist an art school in Dublin or help with a golf resort somewhere along the coast. You could create your entire route along this way getting to know the people much more in depth and the chosen area even better. Additional inspiration for writing is free of charge ;-)
    Just an idea for next year?
    Congrats on the I know not many new shops do so well at Etsy. Chapeau.

  2. Ada - Sorry to hear your Subaru got sick and derailed your plans for a trip to Ireland. I must book my trip back for this summer, with my four kids in tow. We are really looking forward to seeing all of our friends and family again. I love the Celtic cablework on those fingerless gloves. Lovely job. Hope you make it to Ireland in 2014.
    All the best,


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