Project 75 degrees and other unimportant things

Tuesday, February 19, 2013
Yesterday was one of those dark, snowy days where you kind of felt like somehow December had sneaked into February. I didn't much care for it.

On the bright side, it is February (not December) and we're actually closer to March now than we are to the first day of February. Last week, Andy and I spent a few minutes rearranging the woodpile and realized we have more firewood than we thought. Some of the wood has been waiting patiently to be burned since summer 2010 and that means we're running out of time before the wood gets "punky" (i.e. rotting, wet, hard to burn and doesn't release much heat). Since we'll hopefully receive a fresh delivery of firewood next month, we've launched "Project 75 degrees" to use up all of the older firewood. If the temperature in the cabin falls below 75 degrees, that means it's time to throw another piece of wood in the stove! Throw on your surf shorts and flip-flops and come visit! ;)

I might as well say it here to hold myself accountable, but I've decided to give up chocolate for Lent. I haven't successfully given up anything for Lent since I was 18 and since I'm not Catholic, I'm hardly required to give anything up. But I kind of like the willpower challenge, as well as the reminder that we can live perfectly happy lives without certain luxuries in our lives. As a result, I've been drinking copious amounts of mint tea, in lieu of cocoa, to trick my palette into thinking I've had a treat. My cousin gave up beer for Lent and the two of us have never looked forward to Sundays so much in our lives.
This past week, I planned out six different meals to make for supper. I made a grand total of three of those meals. Not because we went out to eat or someone fell ill, but because we ended up with enough leftovers to last us the whole week from those three meals. This never happens.  Despite my best planning for leftovers, inevitably all leftovers get demolished for lunch (or breakfast if Andy was especially fond of it) before they can ever make their way to the dinner table the next night. We must be eating less because despite both and Andy and I feel like we're eating perfectly normal sized meals three times a day, our fridge has been overflowing with leftovers. Apparently we have become the people who say, "Oh, just a little piece."


  1. Congrats, giving up chocolate would be THE hardest for me. I have reduced though. I am not Catholic either but what I do annually is heal fasting. Not because I must but because I want to detox. Cleaning inside out, stay 3 days on water only - no, after cleaning the inside you wont feel hungry, afterwards slowly adding tea and thin soup. second week some rice and low acid fruit and veggies, still lots of water and tea. What I love most is how much my taste buds improve, how little I actually need to eat to feel full and energetic. Feels a bit harder since menopause though.
    I remember as child we sort of turned the wood each year. A new pile with new wood got made and the old wood piled on top. Kept it drier, wind swept and didnt rot. Still could be used and worked fine. But then all I know is that we used oak and olive wood.

  2. I know what you mean about the willpower thing. I have pretty strong willpower (for better or for worse haha) but have a harder time with actually eating the things I SHOULD be eating, like fish, and instead an easier time avoiding some of the bad stuff. Problem is, sometimes it leaves me with fewer eating options. Depending on how "hardcore" your chocolate ban is, there is a delicious mayan cocoa spice tea out there, maybe the yogi brand? also four o clock tea makes a truffle mint tea that may have cocoa in it but is great. And my old fall back, good earth original sweet and spicy, YUM.

  3. I found that since I gave up Diet Coke, I hardly ever crave sweet things. But I've never been much of a sweet craver, more of a salty/crunchy craver. Good luck with your challenge! We never have enough leftovers for the next night's dinner but I usually eat whatever is leftover for my breakfast or lunch. Planning dinners sure does help though! It's amazing how close to spring we really are! Gotta start planning the veggie garden. Have a great week!

  4. I love the project 75 idea! Fun!

    I didn't give anything up for lent, but I think the baby has a dairy allergy, which mean I am not able to enjoy dairy..... alas- and just when all I have been craving is grilled cheeses!

    As for your empty fridge- feel free to send some my way! I feel like I never have time to cook a proper meal these days!

  5. I am terrible at giving anything up and can't really commit either. But good for you for giving up chocolate! That's pretty impressive ;)

  6. I am terrible giving things up too. No willpower. I should read the willpower book! I wish I could come visit you and enjoy the fire!


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