Lofty Goals

Thursday, April 18, 2013
So remember that time when I was all like, "I'm going to start running again." You know, back in March . . .  of  last year?

It's not that I forgot about that little post and my best intentions to get active again. But I never did start running last year because (and this is so dumb), I never got around to purchasing running shoes. Yep, you heard me. I literally have not owned a pair of athletic shoes for the last two years. After all, I live in the woods (and hence do not frequent gyms) and spend the majority of the year wearing some type of boots.

About a month ago I realized that I could say I wanted to run a marathon until I was blue in the face, but until I ordered some shoes and actually started, you know, training, I would never actually accomplish that goal. So last Friday, after researching motion control running shoes to keep my ol' pal "knee pain" at bay, I purchased a pair of Mizuno Wave 9 shoes via Ebates - (hullo free shipping and cash back). They arrived yesterday. 

Aren't they pretty?!

So this is me committing to the Chicago Marathon 2015. (And probably Shamrock Shuffle 2014 and 2015, and perhaps Grandma's Half 2015 too.)

Why Chicago 2015? For one it gives me plenty of time to train - nearly two and a half years since Chicago's 2015 marathon will be held October 11. For another, I'm hopeful that my job situation will have changed a bit and I'll not longer be under contract to work most weekends in October. Also, I'll be 30 (shock, gasp, HORROR!) and what better way to ring in a new decade then making a major "check" on my bucket list. 

Why a marathon? Ever since I watched runners participating in Grandma's Marathon as a little girl, I've been caught up in the romance of marathons. I come from a family of runners and recently, my cousin (who completed her first Chicago marathon last year) and a couple bloggers (here and here) have provided ample inspiration and made me feel like a marathon really is within the realm of my possibility. Also, I want a marathon t-shirt. Not going to lie. 

While my decision to start running was made before Monday's bombing, I'm pleased to part of the population committing to marathons as a way of showing solidarity for Boston. (That said I will not be running the Boston marathon anytime soon - I have no current hopes to be that speedy.) While I'm not making light of this week's shocking and tragic event, with the current "suck it Boston Marathon bomber; I'm running a marathon" attitude going around, I can't help but be reminded of that David Cross skit about a rollerblader wearing a gas mask on NYC streets on September 12, 2001: "If Gabriel wants to rollerblade, Gabriel rollerblades. If Gabriel does not rollerblade, then the terrorists have truly won."

I'm also reminded of those wise words from Dory of Finding Nemo fame -just swap out "swim" with "run": "Do you know whatcha gotta do, when life gets you down?  Just keep swimming, just keep swimming. Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. What do we do? We swim, swim."

Training will have to wait until some of this #$@*! snow has melted, but I'm pleased to have made the first (teeny, tiny) step towards achieving a very lofty goal. 


  1. I've run TC Marathon 4 times and Grandma's once. TCM is such a beautiful run and the support and encouragement from the crowd is awesome. You'll have to run it at least once. Good luck with your training goals! It'd be much easier to get outside if winter would ever decide to leave us. :-)

  2. Good for you Ada! I hope you are able to start training soon. Maybe after we are done with this never ending winter!

  3. Wow, good for you! Yes, you really do need the proper equipment to train for such a goal. I'm impressed and I will be happy to cheer you on!

  4. Congrats in taking the first step towards your goal! It seems like you ahve thought this out and have a great attitude about it. Can't wait to see your progress...

  5. WOW this is a great goal to have. And those shoes are super hot! I always promise myself new shoes once I put so many miles on them. It's my incentive to "just keep Running". Looking forward to many running updates.


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