Snow Day, Earth Day

Monday, April 22, 2013
It may be Earth Day, but it looks more like Snow Day around here. If you're not from around these parts, you might not have heard about the little April shower we had on Thursday night.

As we like to say around here:

On Friday, we woke up to 17 inches of fresh snow. Other parts of the Northland received over 2 feet as part of that same storm system. This latest snowfall brought our total snowfall for winter 2012-2013 up to close to 100 inches and we're predicted to receive another 3-6 inches tonight. Yay?

In case you're wondering - no we usually don't have this much snow this time of year. The ice on our lake usually goes out around May 6, so we've usually had a good few weeks of melting by this time most years. April snow showers are fairly common, but it's pretty rare that we would receive more than 6 inches in a single snowfall during this month. Today marks the fifth straight month of uninterrupted snow cover here. I wish I were kidding.

17 iches, baby!
Marathon training will have to wait a few more weeks, I guess. 
One happy result of this massive snowfall was that we got to have a bonafide snow day on Friday. I'd completed all of my work for the week the day before and after a couple hours thinking he'd head into work once the roads were plowed (which was no easy feat!) Andy gave in and spent the day at home.

Luckily, we had a sunshine filled day on Saturday, which helped my little seedlings remember what photosynthesis is all about. My broccoli is really lagging with germination this year, but other than that, there's been decent showing of sprouts from the rest of the seeds I started. Almost time to transplant the tomatoes.

Think spring!


  1. Wow! I was wondering what it actually looked like up north! We had 9" and I thought that was bad till I heard how much you got in your area! I hope your little plants make it... we did have a bit of sun here this morning, but now it's back to gray skies and rain. Hope winter is over soon!

  2. Yep, we have some pretty big flakes coming down right now, as I'm sure you probably have to. What a winter...I mean spring, it is spring, right?

  3. It wasn't cold enough here for all that precipitation to be snow up here. But there are a few communities a little further north that are suffering from severe flooding! I hope you get some sunshine and warmer weather soon. I was out raking in the sunshine today and it was lovely!

  4. We keep getting dumped on here in Alberta, too. I can't wait for it to all be gone!


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