Knit Happens: Baby Stuff

Thursday, May 2, 2013

After a wealth of wedding afghan projects in the last few years, I'm happy to announce that my friends are moving on to the next stage of adulthood: parenthood.  This is very exciting because baby items are much faster to knit than afghans. Also babies are pretty fun - especially once they're 6 mos +. (Sorry new moms, I still kind of give newborns the side eye, those infants just don't do a whole lot during those first few weeks of life, although newborns' fingers and eyelashes are undeniably adorable.) 

The sweater above is the first of two Sheep Yoke Baby Cardigans because not one, but two (two!) fellow crafters are expecting their first baby this summer. With two bundles of joy on their way, we knew the crafters had to unite for a Crafting Baby Shower in June, where all gifts are handmade. I opted for knitting two identical baby sweaters with a sheep theme since in addition to our shared "craftiness" all the crafters have spent extended periods of time in Ireland, the land of sheep. The sheep theme is also decidedly unisex which is helpful since one of the crafter is opting not to find out their baby's gender. (The other is having a baby girl - squeeeee! Since it's been baby boy after baby boy in my world lately, I'm slightly thrilled.)

The sweaters are knit in superwash 100% merino wool yarn so babies can be babies (aka: spit up) all over the sweater and frazzled, sleep deprived new parents can throw the sweaters in the wash and not worry about the sweater coming out the right size for a Barbie doll. The lack of buttons all the way down the front of the sweater also helps busy parents speed up dressing their babies without having to fuss with button after button. Besides, a floppy, open sweater gives babies a wider range of motion - perfect for letting them be their wiggly selves.

While I don't consider myself a baby person (although, I don't consider myself *not* a baby person either), it's hard not to be excited about these two little souls who will be joining the crafting circle this spring. Two pregnant crafters may have meant just a tad too much champagne was available to the remaining six crafters last New Year's Eve, but it also meant we had a designated driver on hand to drive us to Walmart when we ran out of toilet paper that same night. Class act all the way here - obviously we should totally all be in the process of becoming parents because we are super together and a awesome at "life."



  1. One of my favorite pictures in the history of pictures. It was very shortly after this that I was screaming about crazy-straws in the aisles of Walmart and realizing I wasn't as sober as I thought I was.

    And Ada already takes home the gold in Cutest Baby Craft. That sweater is so adorable it makes me want to hit you. In the best way, of course.

  2. Oh, I LOVE it! Especially that sheep in the center back. And yes, you've set the bar VERY high on the knitting front!

    And that picture is amazing. New Years Crafting Eve for the win!

  3. These sweaters are beyond adorable. Love, love, love them. You should sell them on your shop if you already aren't.

  4. I can only hope that Katie and/or Leah names the sheep on the sweater after the sheep that lived in pasture between the cottages and town: Regina, Dirty Lionel....

    Lovely! I can't wait to see it in person at the Craftiest Baby Shower of them all!

  5. Oh my goodness! What an ADORABLE sweater!!

  6. Ada, they are so adorable. You truly set the standard high.Great company branding too ;-)

  7. These are absolutely gorgeous!!!


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