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Wednesday, January 22, 2014
I feel like these weekly check-ins are working well. The pressures off on trying to get blog content up as frequently as humanly possible (even if I haven't really got much to say) and it feels a bit as though we have a teatime scheduled in wherein I have a cup of tea and then proceed to have a very one sided conversation about the week gone by. Fun, no?

I've been writing a lot (actual, physical writing), which means I have a lovely case of "left-handers" on my knuckles on any given day. I'm juggling several projects at the moment and I (happily!) received lots of "go-aheads" from queries I sent out at the start of the month. Deadlines are coming fast and furious, one right after the other. I have to remind myself that nothing everything needs to happen all at once. It will all be okay if I just focus on what needs to get done today and let tomorrow take care of itself.

I made the worst cookies of my life on Saturday. At least I wasn't expecting them to be amazing (I was trying them out to see if they could accompany an article I'm working on), but I also wasn't expecting them to be so, so horrid. Let this be a lesson - a cookie recipe must white flour, white sugar, and butter. Any omissions from that list and it just tastes like sadness.
A good friend is getting married in June and this past week I ordered the bridesmaid dress, as well downloaded the pattern for the afghan I'll knit for her and ordered the afghan yarn. I feel so on top of things. Now I just have to hope the dress actually fits (although there's plenty of time to exchange it), find me some pretty silver shoes, oh and actually knit the afghan. But June is still a long ways off, right?

Speaking of marriage and babies and all the other major life milestones that I am failing at just 100%, has anyone else stumbled across this British ad campaign trying to get women to have babies when they're younger? Le sigh. So much could be said about this, but in general, let me just say "Aaaaaarrrrrgh."

I'm almost done with the current writing WIP. That's right: I put the first tentative words in a Word doc. on November 24 and now, a mere two months later, I'm almost done. Wait, what is that noise? Angels singing?

We just got out of Internet jail yesterday. Whenever we exceed a certain download cap, our internet service gets slowed down considerably until our internet usage falls within a certain percentage of allotted bandwidth. (The system makes about as much sense as that last sentence.) Our internet went out on January 3rd and just came back today. The really sad part? The last date that we were released from internet jail was December 22. I do not want to do the math on that one.

We set out the remains of the Christmas turkey once I'd boiled it down for stock the day after Christmas. I planned to throw it out after a couple days of letting the pine marten and birds pick at it, but here it is, nearly a month later and the birds are still finding eating off of it. It just struck me that I've been spending all this time watching birds peck at one of their own. Kind of pervy, really.

I have a big expense dentist appointment on Thursday to permanently fix my front teeth which have been giving me grief since 2011. Call it vanity if you must, but it's really only funny for so long to have "Ada the Brown Tooth" be your Game of Thrones bandit name.

Lake trout season outside of the Boundary Waters opened on Saturday and Andy says we're off to fish on Friday.


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