What Do You Do With Digital Photos?

Tuesday, July 27, 2010
When I’m looking for a good rant – and let’s be honest, when am I not? – the topic of digital photography has always lent itself to some good, heated commentary. After all, when picture taking truly became as simple as pointing and shooting, a new era of omnipresent photography was ushered in. And just like that, we had a lot more “photographers.” Many of these recently emerged digital photographers snap beautiful inspired pictures. Others are more like me, trying to capture the daily beauty and wonder we see around us every day, but not doing so with any great technical knowledge of how to go about taking the pictures.

My verdict’s still out on how I feel about the ubiquitous nature of digital photography. It’s lead to the world to be filled with a lot more photographs, most of which won’t be finding a spot on a museum wall anytime soon. Our lives are better documented than ever before. And even if our photographs aren’t destined for greatness, it still means something to us to have pictures of:
Ginormous blueberries.
Or Andy with said ginormous blueberries
Or pretty sunsets on the lake.

In March, when I got my new camera, I thought it was really great that pictures automatically sorted themselves into dated folders when I downloaded them onto my laptop. But since receiving the new, easy to use camera I’ve taken to taking pictures almost every day. The whole dated folder thing isn’t so much fun four months and some sixty pictures folders in “My Pictures” later. Often I have trouble locating a specific picture because I can’t remember the exact date I took it.

So how do we get the proverbial ducks in a row?
What do you do to keep your digital photographs organized and easy to find on your computer?

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  1. I don't. So I sure hope someone has some insight for you that I can use ;-)

    Also! I want to EAT those blueberries!!!! Yum!


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